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‘Round She Goes

5/28/09 - 11am

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4/9/09 - 3pm

For a brief moment 2 years ago, I was on top of the world.

Winning NES World Championship Game Cartridge (Grey) on eBay

Google SketchUp 7

3/16/09 - 3pm

Google Sketchup 7 Bedroom Layout

Google Sketchup 7 Bedroom Layout

burnin time to keep warm…

Valentine One

12/1/08 - 1pm

Valentine One

The Valentine 1 is easily the best investment I’ve made into my vehicle. There is no particular glowing review that I can lay upon it, that hasn’t already been said. It has paid for itself a few times over and I suppose it was time that it finally flipped fortunes on me and caused me to get a ticket. That’s right. The words from the officer were that I was receiving a ticket because I had the detector and without it I would not be receiving a ticket. (Keep in mind detectors are legal in my state.) He also cited being able to see it through the window as the reason I was pulled over instead of the vehicle traveling more quickly than I. Luckily for me, the ticket was dismissed. However, it left me wondering if there wasn’t more to do to make the V1 more inconspicuous. Sure there is the remote display, but I’m currently switching the V1 between different vehicles.

Unsurprisingly, being the best detector ever (Overpromotion notwithstanding) the V1 offers complete programming control:

The information here allows you to do everything from setting the mute timeouts to disabling certain radar bands completely. I’m looking to override the K-Band sensitivity as well as shutting off the X-Band completely. If all goes right, I’ll be able to rid the V1 of some of the consistent false alarms I get, while maintaining the sensitivity where I need it.


11/26/08 - 7pm

1998 Estoril BMW M3

9/24/08 - 1pm

It’s time to put my e36 m3 up for sale.

Full Ad available here:

1998 BMW E36 M3 Estoril Blue

If at first you don’t succeed…

7/11/08 - 11am

I’ve got a respectable little Sega 32x collection from a Vintage Video Game collection binge I went on a couple years ago. The games have mostly sat around in a box since then, until recently when I’ve been getting into some fairly heated gaming sessions with my brothers.

Sega 32x Games Collection.jpg

I wouldn’t be the first to mention how ridiculous the complete Sega setup looks, but the image below compels me to do so:

 Sega Genesis 32x Multitap NBA_Jam

This is your basic Model 2 Genesis with the 32x Mushroom, Model 2 CD Attachment, Team Player Multi-Player Adapter, 4 6-Button Controllers, and of course 3 huge power transformers (which get very hot.) It’s an ill-conceived eye-sore at best; a fire hazard at worst.

Make note to only get the later Sega Team Player Multi-Player Adapter. This is the only one compatible with both EA & early Sega Games.

By far, the best multi-player game on the 32x is NBA Jam T.E. It is also the only 32x or CD game that we play seriously- instead of for its absurdity.

Speaking of absurdity, Slam City with Scottie Pippen (32x/CD) is a must have for this system. No other game quite sums up the shortcomings of FMV games quite like this. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve invested a few hours in it simply for the horrendous-(ly awesome!) cut scenes -it certainly isn’t for the awkward and less-than-satisfying gameplay. I dream of the day I can venture to all of the way to Pippen himself and all of his acting glory.

Sega CD 32x Slam City Scottie Pippen

We also busted open a still-sealed copy of Corpse Killer. However, I won’t go into the details of that one. There is a line that separates fun-bad-games from not-fun-bad-games. Corpse Killer completely disregards this line.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with a glamor shot of the mushroom and its friends:

Sega 32x Knuckles Chaotix Games.jpg

2008 BMW CCA Heart of Dixie DE

5/29/08 - 10pm

Went to the track for the second time last weekend. This time for the BMW CCA HPDE at Barber Motorsports Park. Temperatures at 90+ almost made the heat too much, but overall it was a great weekend (in other words, I didn’t wreck); plus I had a great instructor. Of course I couldn’t have done with it without a new racing suit.


Physics Simulation Games

5/11/08 - 9pm

Armadillo Run

Not My Video:



Phun is an all around physics simulator. It is a free-for-all environment, and as such it’s difficult to explain everything that is possible. It definitely has to be played to understand just exactly what it is.

Picture is of a car with working suspension I built within the program.

 Phun Physics Car Suspension


Bridge Builder

An old game, but a perfect introduction into the genre.

Bridge Builder Level 4


Bridge Construction Set (Pontifex II)

Simply, the king of physics based games. I’ve lost more hours to BCS than I want to know…

Bridge Construction Set


Taking Care of Business

5/8/08 - 9pm

Had to get rid of my all-season tires this last weekend. My friend Daniel came and filmed the mayhem in HD with his Canon HV20.
The footage came out incredible.

A couple screen grabs of the action:

Estoril E36 M3 Donuts Burnout

Estoril E36 M3 Donuts Burnout 2

Estoril E36 M3 Donuts Burnout 3

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