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7/11/08 - 11am

I’ve got a respectable little Sega 32x collection from a Vintage Video Game collection binge I went on a couple years ago. The games have mostly sat around in a box since then, until recently when I’ve been getting into some fairly heated gaming sessions with my brothers.

Sega 32x Games Collection.jpg

I wouldn’t be the first to mention how ridiculous the complete Sega setup looks, but the image below compels me to do so:

 Sega Genesis 32x Multitap NBA_Jam

This is your basic Model 2 Genesis with the 32x Mushroom, Model 2 CD Attachment, Team Player Multi-Player Adapter, 4 6-Button Controllers, and of course 3 huge power transformers (which get very hot.) It’s an ill-conceived eye-sore at best; a fire hazard at worst.

Make note to only get the later Sega Team Player Multi-Player Adapter. This is the only one compatible with both EA & early Sega Games.

By far, the best multi-player game on the 32x is NBA Jam T.E. It is also the only 32x or CD game that we play seriously- instead of for its absurdity.

Speaking of absurdity, Slam City with Scottie Pippen (32x/CD) is a must have for this system. No other game quite sums up the shortcomings of FMV games quite like this. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve invested a few hours in it simply for the horrendous-(ly awesome!) cut scenes -it certainly isn’t for the awkward and less-than-satisfying gameplay. I dream of the day I can venture to all of the way to Pippen himself and all of his acting glory.

Sega CD 32x Slam City Scottie Pippen

We also busted open a still-sealed copy of Corpse Killer. However, I won’t go into the details of that one. There is a line that separates fun-bad-games from not-fun-bad-games. Corpse Killer completely disregards this line.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with a glamor shot of the mushroom and its friends:

Sega 32x Knuckles Chaotix Games.jpg