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Valentine One

12/1/08 - 1pm

Valentine One

The Valentine 1 is easily the best investment I’ve made into my vehicle. There is no particular glowing review that I can lay upon it, that hasn’t already been said. It has paid for itself a few times over and I suppose it was time that it finally flipped fortunes on me and caused me to get a ticket. That’s right. The words from the officer were that I was receiving a ticket because I had the detector and without it I would not be receiving a ticket. (Keep in mind detectors are legal in my state.) He also cited being able to see it through the window as the reason I was pulled over instead of the vehicle traveling more quickly than I. Luckily for me, the ticket was dismissed. However, it left me wondering if there wasn’t more to do to make the V1 more inconspicuous. Sure there is the remote display, but I’m currently switching the V1 between different vehicles.

Unsurprisingly, being the best detector ever (Overpromotion notwithstanding) the V1 offers complete programming control:

The information here allows you to do everything from setting the mute timeouts to disabling certain radar bands completely. I’m looking to override the K-Band sensitivity as well as shutting off the X-Band completely. If all goes right, I’ll be able to rid the V1 of some of the consistent false alarms I get, while maintaining the sensitivity where I need it.